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maandag 9 januari 2012

Brownies and Downies.


Well as you can see at the title, me and Nick have been on our (2 year and) 10 month anniversary to a new restaurant at Nick's place. 
It's called 'Brownies and Downies' and they have people working there with 
the 'down' syndrome.

We didnt know what to expect so we just walked in and looked at the menu. 
I've actually never really been to a lot of restaurants with Nick before, so this was very special ^^
Aniways when we ordered some food, we didn't expect that it would look quite luxury with the simple names the dishes were having x'D

and it tasted really good 

Nick ordered bread with salmon and i ordered tortilla chips with cheese, meatloaf and yummy Cremefresh~ 
The people there were very nice as well and they did a really well job serving us ~

Aniwooo here are pics of my awful phone cam x'D

with free delicious brownie * ^ *
Tortilla chips with cheese, meatloaf and cremefresh ~
bread with salmon ~

And behold.. my crappy camera version of cuteness..




Nick's version:



Best moment with Hondje in my life <3

Well this was my quick post for the day x'D
hope anyone liked it hehe ~

have a nice dayy and stay safuu ~


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