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donderdag 27 juni 2013

[sponsored] ES The Bright Peacock Paper Eyelashes review ~


Hey guys!image
Back with another lash review ~
Sponsored by kkcenterhk!image

This time i'll be showing you guys the ES The Bright Peacock Paper Eyelash pair image~
As always scroll down to see the full review! image

ESbutterflylashes8 ESbutterflylashes10 ESbutterflylashes9 ESbutterflylashes3 ESbutterflylashes7 ESbutterflylashes1 ESbutterflylashes2 ESbutterflylashes4 ESbutterflylashes5 ESbutterflylashes6

ES The Bright Peacock Paper Eyelashes review ~


-Easy to put on lashes
-Great for artistic looks
-Fun for photoshoots


-Not that comfortable for wearing

-These are super cute lashes to wear, nice for artistic looks and also great for photoshoots!image They are not super comfortable but uh..image i dont think you can wear these for daily looks. image  Unless you dont give a crap!! haha ~image

I used these lashes in the 2 bottom pics as well ~
I actually wanted to use these for this review.. but uh they were kinda invisible so i made new pics..image

If you wanna buy these, get them HERE!image
nighthunter blackserenity


Hope you guys liked this review as well, and i'll be posting the other pair soon!
thank you very much for reading/watching image


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