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maandag 10 juni 2013

How to make Pastel Pink hair dye~


Hi guys!image
Just wanted to show you guys how i make my own pastel hair dye.
I know there are thousands of people who already made this kind of tutorial xD
But i just felt like showing my way as well.

So what do you need?
-A bowl
-An something to mix it with and dye your hair afterwards!~ (dunno the name anymore ugh = =)
-White conditioner (any kind will do!)
-La Riche Directions Plum
-La Riche Directions Carnation Pink

(^The lilac is not lilac, but Carnation pink mixed with plum and conditioner!)
(Left Carnation Pink , Right Plum)
(Mixed result of Plum , Carnation Pink and conditioner)

Step 1.
Okay first off, you need to make a lavenderish color. And that's the mixed up dye above me ^
You put a tiiiny bit of plum and a few bits of Carnation pink, with lots of conditioner into a bowl.
and mix mix mix it till it gets to this color! (you can always add some Carnation pink or plum if it's not the right color yet)

And when you're done, store it somewhere, so you can use this color again.
I used the empty lilac tub to store this mixed color in.

Step 2.
So what you need next to create the pastel pink color, is
to add a bit of the mixed lavender color into the bowl. After that
you add lots of conditioner, mix it, till it turns very light purple. After that
you add a tiny bit of Carnation pink, to make it more pink-ish. 

And add more conditioner and color, till it gets to this!
(see the below picture)

pastel_dye5 pastel_dye6

Watch the tutorial here!

My hair result ~
pastel hair

Hope you guys liked my tutorial ~ image


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