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zondag 4 november 2012

Taking a stroll in Den Bosch.



Hello hello!
Well this post ain't about any reviews, but about one of my assignments, that i had to do for school. This was taken 2 weeks ago and i'm posting it now, since i'm already falling behind of many postst.. 
The fun part of this assignment was, that we could do whatever we want and take pictures in the city!
Well what my main subject was, was the macro effect, cuz i wanted to show the details that i took of the pictures i made. ~

And besides all the walking and taking pictures i also bought some yummy candy! *^* 

mn1 mn2 mn3 mn4 mn5 mn6 mn9 mn7 mn8 mn11 mn13 mn16 mn17 mn18 mn14 mn15 mn12 mn22 mn19 mn20 mn21 mn23 mn24 mn25 mn26 mn27 mn28 mn29 mn30 mn31 mn32 mn33 mn34 mn35 mn36 mn37 mn38 mn39 mn40 mn41 mn42 mn43 mn44 mn45 mn46 mn47 mn48 mn49 mn50 mn51 mn52 mn53 mn54 mn55 mn56 mn57 mn58 mn59 mn60 mn61 mn62 mn63 mn64 mn67 mn66 mn65 mn68 mn69

Well that was my long picture post of today!
[More will becoming soon hehe n__n]

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