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zondag 4 november 2012

My winning project picture!

Photobucket barbara_pokerface2

Hey guys ~
Well just wanted to show you guys how excited and happy i am that my project picture [above^] 
has won our picture contest in my school > <
What i had to was, to pick a photographer that our teacher has given to us.
And i chose the photographer Man Ray for this project.
I had to choose one of his pictures to make my own copy of the original.

I chose my friend Barbara for this picture, because she looked a lot like the model.
The only thing that i had to change to make it look identical, was the hair, so i photoshopped my way out of that xD
Well ofcourse everything here is photoshopped, because i'm not able to make this without photoshop at all, wich Man Ray could in the late 30's  o__o

Aniways, because of my winning picture, it will be hung on the wall in our school for an entire year, with 9 more pictures as well, from the other classes.

It's just unbelievable i got 18 out of 23 votes !
And i never won anything like this before Ox..

fotobarbara Jennifer_Filmposter

I also made a filmposter as schoolassignment, i chose a grudge like theme and myself as the creepy person hahaha.

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