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donderdag 15 november 2012

[sponsored] Barbie - Bella 4 Tones Grey lenses review ~

reviewBarbie - Bella 4 tonesgrey11

Hey guys!
Long time no review >..< apologizing for that since i've been busy with school for weeks..
i have so many stuff to do, but so little time, UGH. And the worst part is, that everytime i'm home from school, it's already pitch black out..

Wich means my pictures are more crappier, because of the indoor lights.. = =
I tried my best to make the lenses as good looking as possible, so i hope nobody minds the big changes in my pictures this winter season Ox

Also another update about my uninteresting life lol, i'm BLONDE at the moment. haha ~

Excuse me for the quality poorness of this pic, its made with my phone haha.
Anywoo, this is just temporary though, my hair goal is to achieve another pretty color from the rainbow ~
Hehe. Pics of that will be coming soon as well, i promise! ~~

Since i felt so bored with my previous brown-light fade-ish color, i missed the awesome colors that i had a few months ago .. so yeah.
But hey, it's time to try out some other colors i've never had before, so yaaay to that!

It's also kinda funny that people actually like my blonde hair.. even my mom o__o
i think it's a weird yellowish color, that looks weird with my face for some reason ugh Ox
Or i'm just not used to it yet haha.

Aniwoooo back to this review with some new lens series i'll be reviewing !
These series are called the; 
Barbie - Bella 4 tones.
And today i'll be reviewing the grey color!
All sponsored by the amazing Uniqso 

reviewBarbie - Bella 4 tonesgrey1 reviewBarbie - Bella 4 tonesgrey2 reviewBarbie - Bella 4 tonesgrey3 reviewBarbie - Bella 4 tonesgrey4

Barbie - Bella 4 Tones Grey review

♥ Brand: Barbie
♥ Origin: South Korea 
♥ Water content: 42%  
♥ Diameter: 16.2mm 
♥ Base curve: 8.6mm 
♥ Duration: 1 year disposable 

reviewBarbie - Bella 4 tonesgrey5 reviewBarbie - Bella 4 tonesgrey6 reviewBarbie - Bella 4 tonesgrey7 reviewBarbie - Bella 4 tonesgrey8 reviewBarbie - Bella 4 tonesgrey13 reviewBarbie - Bella 4 tonesgrey12 reviewBarbie - Bella 4 tonesgrey16
Natural indoor light.
reviewBarbie - Bella 4 tonesgrey17
With flash.
reviewBarbie - Bella 4 tonesgrey15
With and without lenses.
reviewBarbie - Bella 4 tonesgrey14

Colour and design:  []
Very nice and natural looking design, looks very vibrant from far and upclose!
I think it also has a bit of a blue-ish color in it, that shows really well in daylight.

Comfort:  []
Unfortunately very dry after 3 hours. Gets dryer if you're working indoors and looking at a computer screen all day..  Yeah i wore these at school and my eyes weren't pleased after all the dryness.. 

Enlargement:  [] 
Great dolly enlargement, looks good with any kind of natural or bold make-up ~

It's best if you use eyedrops all day, especially if you're indoors all day and your eyes can't get any air whatsoever o__o"  Looks good for natural looks, or whatever you want to achieve with it! ^.^

So interested? buy them HERE!

reviewBarbie - Bella 4 tonesgrey9 reviewBarbie - Bella 4 tonesgrey10

Ugh also, i'm not able to use cute emotions anymore since the site i took it from, changed 
the copy ways what i'm used to ; ^; ...  Or i have to get it in a very annoying way x A x
Sooo.. please dont be too bored with my posts yet! ; A ;
I try to make it look interesting.. with the emotions i usually make haha.

This was my review of the day, more will be coming soon! (i hope ; -;)

xoxo, thanks for reading! ♥ 

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  1. Omg i was wonderibg what camera and lightning equipment that you use? Looks so pretty!!

    Love frim Indonesia