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maandag 21 april 2014

Wylona Hayashi inspired make-up tutorial + [sponsored] I.Fairy - Moe Moe Grey lenses review ~



Hi guys image
Back with another review + make-up tutorial!image
I haven't done make-up tutorials for ages and this one will be special because it's
inspired by the beautiful Wylona Hayashiimage If you dont know her, she's a famous blogger + model!
She's especially famous for her gorgeous looks and fierce looking eyes! image

I spend my whole day making this tutorial trying to re-create her gorgeous looking eyesimage ~ 
i hope i succeeded haha...image

Also about the review, today i'll be showing the 
I.Fairy - Moe Moe Grey sponsored by Uniqso !image
hope you guys like it. image

review-ifairymoemoegrey2 review-ifairymoemoegrey1 review-ifairymoemoegrey'3

I.Fairy - Moe Moe Grey~

♥ Brand: I.Fairy 

♥ Origin: South Korea 
♥ Water content: 55%  
♥ Diameter: 16.2mm 
♥ Base curve: 8.6mm 
♥ Duration: 1 year disposable 

review-ifairymoemoegrey5 review-ifairymoemoegrey6 review-ifairymoemoegrey16 review-ifairymoemoegrey17 review-ifairymoemoegrey15 review-ifairymoemoegrey9
Day light.
With flash.
With and without lenses.

Colour and design:  []
I'm absolutely loving this design! it looks very natural and it blends perfectly
with my brown eyes. It also looks like it's glowing when shown in day light image

Comfort:  []
Loving the comfort!image i have worn these lenses alot and i can wear them till the maximum of 10 hours ~  After that it does feel a bit dry, but you can always use eyedrops to relieve that feeling!image

Enlargement:  [] 
Big dolly enlargement and good enough for me to make a cute daily look out of it image

5/5 because, this is my favorite lens so far! perfect for dolly looks, daily looks or for cosplay!image
and especially for this Wylona Hayashi inspired make-up tutorial as wellimage ~ 

Want them? get them HERE!image

And on to the tutorial ~~ 

What i used here was:

-2 small eyeshadow brushes
-1 eyeshadow brush
-1 blending brush
- 2 false eyelashes
- 1 cut in half lower false lashes
- eyelash glue
- eye primer
- white pencil eyeliner
- black liquid eyeliner
- Limecrime - Wicked

tut3 tut4 tut5
Dark grey and black eyeshadow, for the upper eyelid ^ (excuse me for the spacy coloured messimage)
white eyeshadow, for the upper eyelid ^
(also excusing myself for the bad english, if someone is bothered by it.. image)

Step 1: Start off with a clean eyelid.
Step 2: Prime your eyes.
Step 3: Apply white eyeshadow all over your eyelid and upper eyelid.
Step 4: Apply dark grey eyeshadow starting in the corner of your eyes and blend it towards the center of your eyelid.

Sailor Pluto's Henshin Lip Rod

Step 5: Apply black eyeshadow beneath your waterline with a small eyeshadow brush.
Step 6: Fill in your waterline with a white pencil eyeliner then draw a white line beneath your waterline. (see picture)
Step 7: Put on mascara and apply your false eyelashes.
Step 8: For a more Wylona eye look, add another pair of false eyelashes and add cut off the lower false lashes in half and glue them beneath your waterline.

After that draw your brows, put on your black wig and darkest looking lipstick to get the extra Wylona Hayashi look. ~
Follow these tips when applying makeup with circle lenses to keep your makeup look neat and fabulous .

Sailor Pluto's Garnet Orb. One of the Three Talismans.
review-ifairymoemoegrey14 review-ifairymoemoegrey11 review-ifairymoemoegrey12 review-ifairymoemoegrey13

And this was my review + make-up tutorial!image
very easy and fun to do ~
hope you all have a awesome week image


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