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maandag 2 september 2013

A few new pieces.

[My new hair color!]
[The hunt]
[school assignment: Selfportraits, my image and self image.]
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Hi guys!image
Long time no post again.. school has been starting again unfortunately so my free time is over..
And since my second year of college started i decided to have a red hairdo and let my hair rest from all the bleach for a while. And ofcourse a new assignment that i had to make last week.
Well the assignment was to make 2 selfportraits. One about how i think of myself and the other one of what other people think of me.  The first picture you see, is my self image. The idea was to color half of my face, since i see myself as an empty canvas where i can create my ideas on. And the second picture is my image. And the idea behind that was from all the info i got from my students.. Well since it wasn't that clear i added something from myself to that concept..
I wanted to look distant, creepy, different and quiet. And that's what i tried to show in this picture.
But when i finally had to do my presentation my teacher didn't like it, since the second picture was not how she thought it would look like in her way.. and in overall everything was too photoshopped. So i have to redo the second picture. Well i can't help it that i have my own style and try to create that into my self portraits.. i'm so sorry that "just" analogue pictures aren't the only thing that interest me = = Even though she praised most of the other students with their non edited pictures, i find it unfair that she didn't even bother to read my concept that i gave her before and said that i could at least change that second picture, before looking stupid infront of the class = =
Ugh i just have to respect my elders am i right? pfff.

End rant. Need to get this of my chest here ahaha.. image

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