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woensdag 24 juli 2013

My vacation in Cochem, Germany part 1 ~


Hi everyone!http://i1191.photobucket.com/albums/z479/lolehhe/tumblr_lvo195MkT21qf290m.gif ~

A few weeks ago i've been to Germany with my bf and i finally made a post about it!image
We went to a place called Cochem and we had our reservation on the site imageRoompot, to look for the best places to go and sleepimage ~
We went from 8 till 13 july. So a 5 day vacation, just like last year.
And since we went with car we drove  2,5 hours to get there.image
It was very tiring and hot the first day we went!!image It felt like hours on the road. but after a while we stopped and ate something to cool off.image I felt like being in the oven the whole time..image but it was worth it.. At the last day it wasn't that hot at all fortunately.image
And the days went fast like crazy, so i didn't forget to take pictures as well!image

So as always i will start where we stayed the nightimage ~
The pictures are messy taken, but i took these the last day we went home..image

I can't remember wich cabin it exactly was.. but it kinda looked like this map;

cochemtrip1 cochemtrip3 cochemtrip4 cochemtrip2 cochemtrip5 cochemtrip13
hallway, first bedroom, bathroom.
cochemtrip14 cochemtrip6
Livingroom ~
Kitchen ~
cochemtrip12 cochemtrip8 cochemtrip11 cochemtrip10 cochemtrip15 cochemtrip16
Second bedroom, upstairs.
cochemtrip17 cochemtrip18
view from this bedroom.
3rd bedroom, second bathroom.
cochemtrip20 cochemtrip21
3rd bedroom, room we spent the nights.
view from this bedroom.
cochemtrip23 cochemtrip24
Second day trip ~
We went to the woods and explored around. image 
cochemtrip55cochemtrip25 cochemtrip26 cochemtrip27 cochemtrip29 cochemtrip30 cochemtrip31 cochemtrip32 cochemtrip33 cochemtrip34 cochemtrip35 cochemtrip36 cochemtrip37 cochemtrip38 cochemtrip39 cochemtrip40 cochemtrip41 cochemtrip42 cochemtrip43 cochemtrip44 cochemtrip45 cochemtrip46 cochemtrip60 cochemtrip47 cochemtrip48 cochemtrip28
Sooo after walking for 30 minutes we found something amazing!image
We discovered some beautiful mountain view where you can sit and watch from aboveimage ~
cochemtrip49 cochemtrip50 cochemtrip51 cochemtrip52 cochemtrip53 cochemtrip54 cochemtrip57 cochemtrip56 cochemtrip58 cochemtrip59 IMG-20130713-WA0012
Pictures taken with my bf's phone. image
And a mini outfit ootd picture haha. image

Well this was my vacation post of today! image
Part 2 will be up soon~~
Have a nice day everyone ! imageimage


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