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woensdag 3 oktober 2012

My emotion series + shadow [School assignment]

my emotion

Hey guys!
Sooo.. a different kind of post today..
these pics are made for a project that i had to presentate at my school last tuesday!
Everybody had to make 9 photo´s of 9 themes. All the pics have to present yourself and your environment/emotions etc.

Well i chose the pic above for the theme Emotion, and i'm going to show more pics of that theme in this post. I also made pics for the theme Shadow. And you can find that beneath here lol.

I got a pretty good feedback tho. (8 out of 10 points). And i'm very happy with it!
wished for a higher point, but i can't redo the mistakes now xD

Aniway, i hope you like it ^^ 

schaduw1 schaduw3 schaduw2 my emotion5 my emotion6 my emotion3 my emotion2 my emotion4 emotion1 emotion2 emotion3 emotion4 emotion6 emotion5 emotion7

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