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zondag 29 mei 2011

Hello Hello :D

Free Avatarsoh hi!
didn't see you thar Japanese Smileys

sooo this is my first time ever that i'm blogging > <

i really have to find everthing out how this all works xD But i will get there i hope :3. Aniway, lets start about who i actually am lol.   Well i am Jennifer i  love Gyaru fashion, experimenting with make-up, photographing my cute hamsters(here are some pics of my cute Boo :3) And i love watching some cute romantic anime who makes me laugh/cry/angry x3 wohooo :3  I really love reading Japanese magazines like Popteen, Popsister etc and my favorite music genre is; K-pop, J-pop, J-rock, metal, melodic metal and lots of other lovely sounds :3.

Well i hope you like it here x3 i will upload as many as i can ;D
so buh-bye :3

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